ReadWriteServe: the Center for Adolescent Literacies

ReadWriteServe: the Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC Charlotte focuses on developing instruction to make literacy and learning relevant and effective for adolescents and those who work with them. The Center also conducts and supports research and service in support of its primary mission.

What we are doing…​

Research & Scholarship

  • The Center has lead a multi-year effort to evaluate the reading program component of Charlotte-area Children’s Defense Fund© Freedom Schools. An initial pilot study conducted during the summer 2009 showed positive benefits to youth in this summer program. During the summers of 2010 through 2013 and 2016, the Center worked with Freedom School Partners, Inc. of Charlotte to conduct a larger evaluation of the Freedom Schools in Charlotte, N.C. The Center also led an evaluation of the CDF Bennettsville, S.C. Freedom School in 2009. Follow this link to download copies of these reports. This evaluation work continues to the present with our most recent evaluation work taking place in Summer 2023.